Ultra Fine Mist Mirable Plus

Enter into the future of the most heathy, rejuvenating, and deep cleaning way of showering with fine bubbles.


MIRABLE technology has the power of transforming regular water into a powerful mist flow that keeps your skin smooth. Looking fresh, and energized sensation from the first time you use it.

Mist X Straight

With “Ultra Fine Mist Mirable Plus”, you can approach your skin perfectly with two ways, straight and mist.

Facial Cleaning Effect
( Mist Flow )
Head Spa Effect
( Straight Flow )

What is Ultra Fine Bubble?

A bubble which is under 1㎛ is called “Ultra Fine Bubble”.

Water saving shower head!

Ultra fine mist “Mirable” has not only excellent cleaning power, but it also has water saving effects.

Amount of water flow used as per family of 4 / month Mist flow : 60 % Saving !

Skin moisturizer shower head!

By using ultra fine mist “Mirable”, the amount of skin moisture is maintained 8 % higher, compared with the conventional products. Hot water from Mirable penetrates deep into the skin easily and keeps the skin and hair moisturized for along time, even after the shower.

Hot bath shower head !

It also has an ability to penetrate the skin and warm up the body.
The graph on right side shows the difference of normal shower and Mirable “Straight”.

Even it is shower bath, the water contains UFB that will make you stay arm from the inside of your body 6 times warmer compared to the normal shower.