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Shibata Ogura Worldwide Alliance (SOWA) is a Japanese trading and construction company. Our main business fields are agricultural / construction materials, high quality household items, and projects that utilize them.

We import high quality products from Japan and Germany, which are very useful for agriculture, construction, design, hotel service, etc.


Products 01:

We have materials for ponds and agriculture machines, aiming at reducing water loss at rural and cultivation areas from seepage and evaporation.

Weed Prevention Sheets

We have two types of high effective weed prevention sheet, White & Black col[...]

Rubber / HDPE / PVC Sheet

We have several types of product made by rubber / HDPE / PVC sheet for water sto[...]

Non-evapo system in Takeo province

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Products 01:

Our construction materials are uPVC & Aluminum windows and doors, fire rated steel doors, bridge rubber bearing, coating and others.

uPVC & Aluminum Windows and Doors

Our company offer uPVC & Aluminum Windows and Doors. We have EBM uPVC window[...]

Elastomeric Bearing

Our Doshin elastomeric bearing is to design, produce, and test to meet BS, EN, A[...]

Rubber Fenders

High performance rubber fender systems for various applications, typically in ar[...]


Products 03:

We have water treatment materials and others imported directly from Japan.

High Absorbent Towel

“Air Kaol” super fluffy absorbent towel from Japan is used for the material also[...]

Tatami Mat

Tatami Mat is a cultural traditional object of Japan. Tatami mat appears in near[...]

Ultra Fine Mist Mirable Plus

Enter into the future of the most heathy, rejuvenating, and deep cleaning way of[...]


We are a Japanese company and our business field is related to the agriculture and building materials.

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