Weed Prevention Sheets


We have two types of high effective weed prevention sheet, White & Black color sheets.

Lunlun-Sheet Shiropika (White)

Improve Reflectance

Promote photosynthesis and improve fruit coloring.

* Coloring effect differs depending on crop’s pigment.


Improve heat insulation

Suppress temperature increases around the sheet and soil temperature management.

Lunlun-Sheet (Black)

Black sheet helps soil moisture and weed prevention

High weed prevention

  • Keeps inorganic mulches and unwanted debris like rocks from settling into the soil.
  • Prevents weed seeds buried in the soil beneath from sprouting.
  • Limits the need to use herbicides for weed control
  • Helps retain soil moisture by reducing evaporation
  • Offers some erosion control on slopes subject to washout from heavy rains