Rubber / HDPE / PVC Sheet


We have several types of product made by rubber / HDPE / PVC sheet for water storage.


Rubber sheet for pond lining

At the left-side photo, we equipped the rubber sheet in pond to store the water. The water seepage prevention is very crucial action for rural area or for where there is often drought period. Moreover, it could help improve living-standard of rural people while they could have enough water for their crop, vegetable or plant production during the dry season.

Beside of rubber sheet, we can install HDPE or even PVC sheet to store water in the pond easily too.

Floating lids

Floating Composite Material shall provide a sandwich structure with 2x1mm-thick membrane sheet and PE Foam. Standard size Lid: 1.2mx1.2m and it will be connected and expanded to make customized size for ponds respectively.

The lids will work effectively for water losses by transpiration.


water-flexible tanks
Our QuingDao Flexible tanks

PVC Tanks

Our PVC tanks are very flexible. You can fold them after use and they are convenient to transport and need less space to store.

Tank installation is very quick, less than 05 minutes.

PVC Tank installation in just 05 minutes